Research and CPD

I was privileged to be the winner of the CPCAB BACP Research Award 2020.

I offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions based on my MA research, Laughter in Therapy: An Exploration of how Therapists Experience Client Laughter. My research aim was to explore therapists’ experience of their differing responses to client laughter. This was an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Study undertaken in 2015 as part of my MA at the Minster Centre, London. I don't use material from my private practice in my research or CPD presentations.

I've presented papers on this at the UKCP Research conference in 2017 and it was accepted for the BACP Research conference 2020 then included in 2021 online conference as an on demand paper.

Visit the CPCAB website to see an interview about my research

A copy of my full dissertation is available on request.